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Content Buyers: Please to Read This!

The title of this post sums up the #1 reason why you shouldn’t hire Third World content writers willing to provide original content for $1 an article. While the grammatical errors may not be quite so obvious as the example in the title, a freelance writer who speaks English as a second language will always be at a disadvantage to a native English speaker.

The content on your website should accomplish several objectives: demonstrate your expertise within your niche, create rapport with potential customers, and harmonize with your brand’s image.  The ideal content will blend information and entertainment in a brand-appropriate style. (For example, a financial planning website calls for a more formal style than a party planning website.)

Your blog shouldn’t read like the script for a radio commercial.  Your keyword-optimized articles should flow naturally and not appear keyword stuffed with your keyword just for the sake of keyword search bots finding your keyword. (Yes, I made it sound that way on purpose to illustrate the point.) SEO is important but it’s the human visitors that click the “buy now” button.

“You get what you pay for” is a cliche for a reason. Of course, I’m biased. I’ll admit it.  I’ve written articles for $1–as a sample. Once I demonstrate my expertise and reliability, I expect to be paid accordingly. I don’t have to write for $1 an article any more. I have a steadily growing client base willing to pay a whole lot more. Maybe one of them is your competitor….