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A Simple Suggestion

The other day on talk radio, the commentator suggested that “this country needs a conservative coalition”. I respectfully disagree. The LAST thing this country needs is another group or organization designed to divide the population into “US” vs. “THEM”.  What we NEED is a COMMON SENSE coalition that unites liberals, conservatives, Americans of all age, race and creed to point out and hold our representatives accountable for stupidity and demand common sense in government.

Let a common sense coalition of American voters draft a budget and see what happens. I used to work for a local church. The head of the Finance Committee was a sweet 95-year-old retiree called “Doc”.  He and his committee went through the church budget line by line. The final budget was fair, workable and reasonable. Some people weren’t happy. We changed propane suppliers. The old supplier agreed they had been overcharging the church, but offered to match the new supplier’s prices if we’d stick with them. Doc refused. “They already cheated us once, who knows for how long.”

The recent “sequester” should be a real eye-opener to what our elected officials consider “unnecessary”. Memorials, parks and natural wonders were so unnecessary that not only did the government stop funding their continued operation, they SPENT EXTRA to make sure that things like water fountains weren’t usable and pressured states to avoid picking up the funding slack. “Unnecessary” employees were laid off for the duration–and then paid for the work they didn’t do.  Congress–most of whom are already financially secure with substantial personal and business assets–continued to receive their substantial paychecks and benefits. Meanwhile, disabled veterans, some of whom receive a monthly pension of $120 (a significant share of their income), were told they wouldn’t get a check in November if the sequester wasn’t resolved in time.

There’s plenty of examples of government behavior that don’t make sense. When a plethora of existing laws aren’t adequately enforced, the resulting “problems” are addressed by…..MORE LAWS. 

Like I said, it’s time for a common sense coalition.


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