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A Simple Suggestion

The other day on talk radio, the commentator suggested that “this country needs a conservative coalition”. I respectfully disagree. The LAST thing this country needs is another group or organization designed to divide the population into “US” vs. “THEM”.  What we NEED is a COMMON SENSE coalition that unites liberals, conservatives, Americans of all age, race and creed to point out and hold our representatives accountable for stupidity and demand common sense in government.

Let a common sense coalition of American voters draft a budget and see what happens. I used to work for a local church. The head of the Finance Committee was a sweet 95-year-old retiree called “Doc”.  He and his committee went through the church budget line by line. The final budget was fair, workable and reasonable. Some people weren’t happy. We changed propane suppliers. The old supplier agreed they had been overcharging the church, but offered to match the new supplier’s prices if we’d stick with them. Doc refused. “They already cheated us once, who knows for how long.”

The recent “sequester” should be a real eye-opener to what our elected officials consider “unnecessary”. Memorials, parks and natural wonders were so unnecessary that not only did the government stop funding their continued operation, they SPENT EXTRA to make sure that things like water fountains weren’t usable and pressured states to avoid picking up the funding slack. “Unnecessary” employees were laid off for the duration–and then paid for the work they didn’t do.  Congress–most of whom are already financially secure with substantial personal and business assets–continued to receive their substantial paychecks and benefits. Meanwhile, disabled veterans, some of whom receive a monthly pension of $120 (a significant share of their income), were told they wouldn’t get a check in November if the sequester wasn’t resolved in time.

There’s plenty of examples of government behavior that don’t make sense. When a plethora of existing laws aren’t adequately enforced, the resulting “problems” are addressed by…..MORE LAWS. 

Like I said, it’s time for a common sense coalition.


The Great Backend Myth

Success is simple. All you have to do is follow up your initial sales with backend products. After all, you have a list of people who trust you and your recommendations. Piece of cake, right?

Get the beach chair and the sunglasses. Ready to kick back and ENJOY that Internet ATM. You’re gonna get ten TIMES the response to the backend offers. The gurus said so.

Okay, let’s look at a few numbers.

You send your First offer to a targeted opt-in list of 1000 people. You get the average 1% response. That’s ten sales.

You send your first Backend offer to your satisfied customers–all ten of them. With “ten times the response”, you get one sale–a 10% response to your backend offer.

Numbers not big enough? Start with a list of 10000 people. A 1% response=100 sales, and a 10% response to the first backend offer is 10 sales, and a 10% response to the second backend offer is 1 sale.

Start with a list of 100,000 people. A 1% response=1000 sales. A ten percent response to the first backend offer=100 sales. A ten percent response to the second backend offer=10 sales. A ten percent response to the third backend offer=1 sale. It’s called the Law of Diminishing Returns.

Do you even HAVE a list of 100,000 people? (If you do, please email me for an ad swap!)

And that’s not even considering the fact that any one of your backend offers could turn out to be a total dud. It might be a perfectly good product that no one wants to buy. How can you fix that?

(When you find the answer, set up a joint venture with Coca-Cola. I’m sure they’d love to recoup their investment in the recipe for New Coke!)

So how do the gurus do it?

Here’s a clue–how many of them have Stopped Marketing and kick back on the beach all day every day?

One of the great things about an Internet business IS the fact that you can take your business with you–or take off a few days if you’ve got the automated systems set up and working.

But if you expect the backend sales to go to infinity, you’re dead wrong. When you make that first backend offer to your warm prospects, you’d better also be making ANOTHER initial offer to a new or expanded opt-in list to line up the next batch of warm prospects.

No matter HOW big the initial list is, repeated backend offers will eventually trickle down to one sale, then none. IF you don’t keep fueling your internet money machine. Keep on promoting the initial offer. Keep on finding new backend products and services.

The backend product is a powerful supplement to your business. The icing on that piece of cake, maybe.

You can benefit from your backend.

Or you can fall on it. Your choice.


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